Wow, I haven't even thought of doing my taxes yet this year. Seems like I just did them a few months ago! But that's not the case, it's just been a weird year I guess. But as tax day approaches, the scammers are at it again. As you will see in the Facebook post below, the IRS is not accepting payments in gift cards! A good warning from the West Richland police department.

Scams like this might seem silly to you, and they do to me. But it's amazing how many people have actually run to Best Buy or ordered gift cards on Amazon and sent the numbers out so that they can be redeemed by a person pretending to be either a court official, police officer or with the internal revenue service. Gift cards are great for these scammers because they're as good as cash. But all they need are the very important numbers on the gift card to redeem them. No sending cash, no paper trail.
So just remember, unless it's your son, daughter, grandchild or spouse asking for a gift card, it's a bogus scammer. One time I did mess with a scammer and kept giving him the gift card number different every time. Of course, I didn't actually buy a gift card, but I told him I did and when he wanted the number, I would repeat it slightly different every time...just off by one or two digits. Now that was fun! I don't seem to get scammer calls anymore. The must've put me on a no-call list. :-(

FYI- The IRS will not request payment in gift cards!!!

Posted by West Richland Police Department on Wednesday, February 24, 2021



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