I love a good quiche but I have always felt like there was something missing! I decided I was going to venture out and do my own thing, the way I believe a quiche should have been made all along! There are many ways to make a quiche and the creativity usually  just comes from the ingredients you add! It can be all meat, all veggie or a combination of both. I usually put ham in mine but this time I was just doing a veggie drawer clean out! So, mine was all vegetables this time, but with a crunchy twist!

I followed all the basic rules for making a quiche, you know, a bunch of eggs, a handful of mushrooms, the spinach that was still good in the crisper, as much onion as I could cut before I cried, the milk that is "fine 2 days past expiration date," the tomatoes that actually turned red this year, a bruised avocado and a pie crust I should have never microwaved, especially since it SPECIFICALLY said DO NOT microwave on it!

I whipped that all together and poured it into my pie crust that, for some reason was falling apart and had rips in it, and then I preheated the oven to what I thought a quiche should bake at. But WAIT!! I added a twist, a yummy crunchy little twist, I added Stove Top Stuffing! Of course I cooked it first, and YES I actually followed the instructions on the box. I had to dig it out of the garbage twice to make sure I was doing it right, but I DID follow THESE instructions properly.

I took the sticky mixture and spread it evenly over my runny, yellow, veggie filled concoction and popped er in the old easy bake oven! I baked it until I thought it looked done, it was not. So, I popped er BACK in the old easy bake oven and let bake a bit longer. Another ten minutes and it was perfect!

Best quiche EVER! I loved the crunchy, seasoned bread crumbs that created a nice crusted layer, a perfect topper to any quiche! Does putting a top crust on a quiche no longer make it a quiche? I don't know and I don't care! My quiche, my way! Try it, you might like it!




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