I recently started watching a Netflix series called "Nailed It" and I found myself getting excited and wanting to audition for their show. I have tried my luck over the years with cake decorating. I say "cake decorating" because I cheat, I use boxed batter and premade fondant. I really don't know if I actually have any baking skills because I have always cheated, usually due to time. But I would be willing to give it a try!

It usually takes me eight hours to perfect a cake but in the show the participants are timed. Here is how it works.. Three contestants are chosen, just everyday people, grandmas, brothers, dads or moms, like you and I. They are shown a decorative baked item, like a cake or an extravagant cookie creation. They then have a timed slot to recreate that item and oh boy have I seen some spectacular creations. When I say spectacular, I mean in a very underwhelming manner.

I have made my fair share of cakes but I think I need to challenge myself! I am going to pick a random item from the internet, inforce a timed slot for baking and decorating and give it a practice run. I will try to get video but I will definitely get photos. If things go well I plan to call the producer (because I will just call them and get through of course) and insist they put me on their "Nailed It" show!

Stay tuned for my before and after pictures. I know you will all be rooting for me, but in the meantime here are some of my "non-timed" creations!


Janis' cake creations

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