I'm always late on the trends.  Just recently, I discovered the air-fryer.  Isn't it supposed to be a healthy way to cook the deep-fried foods we love so much?  I LOVE everything deep-fried.  So, if there's a healthier alternative, I'm all in!

My air fryer just arrived & I'm super excited!  I asked for recommendations on my Facebook page and received the following...everything from wings, asparagus, to grilled cheese & more.

Air Fryer Ideas

I'm sorry, but isn't the deal with an air fryer to be HEALTHY?  The only remotely healthy item I saw was brussel sprouts.  YUCK! And, DOUBLE YUCK!

Please!  Help a gal out.  What are you preparing in your air fryer?  I'm not a fan of seafood, however, I do love pretty much all vegetables.  And of course, I do LOVE everything breaded.  (NOT on the plan these days, though.)

I did find 4 recipes with Jennifer!

If you have any ideas, please, reach out to me on our mobile app!

Maybe we can get a recipe group going!

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