There is nothing like a juicy piece of watermelon for summer around these parts and nothing beats a Hermiston watermelon especially in the heat but it looks like watermelons will be a little late this season.

I first moved to the Tri-Cities area in 2007 and I had to a live broadcast at the Umatilla County Fair and it was the first time I discovered Hermiston Watermelon.

I was quite familiar with Walla Walla Sweet Onions having grown up in Clarkston Washington and of course, I'm all about the Washington Red Apple but I had no idea that watermelon was a big deal in the state.

credit: rik mikals tsm
credit: rik mikals tsm

No worries, the Umatilla Court schooled me real quick on the succulent watermelon that Hermiston farms and I've been a fan ever since.

You might have noticed that Hermiston Watermelons are slowing showing up and farmers are saying that it's going to slow going this year.

A few factors have slowed production on the watermelons.

A huge windstorm in May in Umatilla County and North Morrow County and the COVID-19 pandemic has caused delays in this year's crop.

Bellinger Farms posted on their Facebook page that watermelons are starting to roll and are available for sale at several retailers but shipping hasn't started yet.

Another farm, 3rd Gen Farms says they expect to have half the crop than last year. They did comment and say that the smaller Gallia melons are already on sale and available.

You can check out an update on the watermelons in an article from the Hermiston Herald here.

I'm sure lots of people are wondering where the watermelons are this year and with a little patience, there will be plenty for all starting this month in Washington.

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