It's watermelon season!

Not sure if you splurged on one for your BBQs this weekend, I know I did. I ALMOST grabbed a pre-cut bowl but decided to pick out my own. I watch TikTok's all the time about hacks and wouldn't you know Watermelon is a popular one.

Tips for Picking the Right Watermelon

Yellow Spot

You want to find a watermelon with a big yellow spot on it, that means it's spent more time ripening on the vine, so it should be sweeter


When the bees pollinate the watermelon they leave what looks like a little pattern of scars, you want this all over your watermelon. Those scars indicate sweetness

The Tail

If your watermelon has a dried-up tale, it means it's ripe. If the tail is still green it means it was picked too early and might never become ripe

The Cut

There are so many ways to cut into a watermelon. Some just put a hole in it, infuse liquor and then create a spout. Others chop and hack. I turned to TikTok to find a version and loved this one! No mess and made instant snacking easy!

Cut your watermelon in half and then slice four or five across and length-wise with the watermelon facing down. Then you can just grab the slices by the rind!

When I worked on cruise ships one of my favorite appetizers in the Officer's Lounge was a watermelon and feta salad. It came with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper, chopped mint, and a touch of feta. Delicious and so easy to bring your watermelon into a new flavor lane.

Watermelon Sugar

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