Who's ready for football season? If there was one sport I love above all other sports, it's got to be football. I've loved the game ever since I was eight years old and I'm looking forward to another season.

2020 has been a crazy year and with the pandemic, 2020 is unlike any year I lived through in my lifetime. It's been CRAZY, to say the least.

Football season is around the corner and the Seattle Seahawks are gearing up for another year but this year will contain a twist due to COVID-19. The Seattle Seahawks won't have any fans in the stands for the first three home games.

The Seattle Seahawks will kick off their season away at the Atlanta Falcons on August 13th.

September 20th is the first home game against the New England Patriots and it looks like the first three home games will be played without spectators in the stadium.

We all know one of the claims of fame for our Seattle Seahawks is the loudness of the 12th man but fans sadly will have to watch the game on TV or stream or listen to the radio to catch the games.

The Seattle Seahawks released a statement that explained that the first three games will be fan-less in CenturyLink Field, a first for the franchise.

At this time, home games on September 20th, September 29th, and October 11th will not have any fans in the stands.

I'll still be watching but it will be strange to see no fans in the stands but at least we are getting some football!

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