As a kid living in Washington, I remember a rancher who had bison on his property. That was my first recollection of a wild animal being kept as a pet.

Keeping a bison seems to be legal but it got me curious on what other animals could be illegal to own in the Tri-Cities.

I did a quick search and I was amazed on how many wild animals can't be legally be kept as a pet in the Tri-Cities.

I did a quick search at the Washington State Department of Agriculture and discovered that four laws prevent you from owning several potentially dangerous animals.

I know that bears and deer are cute but they make the list of what you can't own in Washington State. Sorry foxes, you gotta go too!

I had a classmate show up at our high school reunion years ago with a Lemur as a pet but according to Washington State, a lemur is an animal that's illegal to own and keep as a pet in the Tri-Cities.

There are four laws that prevent you from owning a wild animal in the state of Washington.

According to the WSDA website, here is the breakdown of each law:

Rabies Law: It is illegal to possess wild animals
Wild Animal Law: It's illegal to own animals that may infect people with rabies,
Deleterious Law: It's illegal to own animals that can cause damage to the environment Dangerous Animal Law: It's illegal to own animals that pose a threat to people, livestock, or domestic animals.
So if you've been thinking about keeping that cute fox or wild boar as a pet, you might want to think again.

10 Animals You Can't Keep As A Pet In The Tri-Cities

Check out these 10 animals that are illegal to keep as a pet in the Tri-Cities

There are bunch more animals not allowed to own in Washington State, here is the complete listing from the Washington Department of Agriculture here.

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