Well, I asked...and ya'll had a lot to say. On Facebook, I inquired as to where to get "a great burger in the Tri-Cities?"

Below are just a few of the responses.


A couple of people had responded, "Ruff's Giant Burgers."

I've never heard of Ruff's. What have we been missing? I had to ask, "What made Ruff's so special?" Bethany replied:

Ruff's was set up like a 50's diner, with old records and posters all over the walls, and their bugers were huge. Their whole name was "Ruff's Giant Burgers." My mom grew up here, and as a kid/teenager she and her friends would hang out there all of the time. It didn't matter where in the Tri-Cities you lived, or how old you were, everyone went to Ruff's. It was THE place to be. When I was a kid, my brother and I would get so excited to go. They had arcade games set up, and you could pick the jukebox music from your table. Also, their milkshakes were 100% the best in town.

Rory also replied:

They sold the BIGGEST burgers and sandwiches in town. Inside had an older vibe to it kind of like an old-school drive-in where people would meet up back in the day. Out front, they had a HUGE burger for the sign. I'd always get a regular cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate shake. Was sad when they closed.

I sure wish Ruff's was still around. I feel like I missed out.

There are A LOT of restaurants serving "GREAT" burgers in the Tri-Cities. When I first arrived to the area, many people recommended visiting Bern's Tavern, in Prosser. My co-worker at the time and I road-tripped from Kennewick to Prosser where I enjoyed a wonderful jalapeno swiss burger.

Just the other day, I stopped at the Palm Bar & Grill in Benton City, as a friend recommended ordering the BC Bomb-burger. I've never had a burger with egg, ham, AND bacon. Holy Moly! I ate half of it & took the rest home.

The Palm The BC Bomb

Anyway, according to the Facebook responses, here are some other go-to places to get a "GREAT" burger.

Best Burgers in the Tri-Cities

Enjoy! And let me know on our app which is your favorite!

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