Shari's is closing its doors in Richland on George Washington Way after 40 years and it got me thinking about some other great restaurants that have closed in the Tri-Cities over the years. I took to our Facebook page and asked people which restaurants that they missed in the Tri-Cities and here is what they said. 

A lot of people said Ruff's Big Burgers.

It was on the top of everyone's list and after seeing an old yep review which you can find here, I can see why people are missing those big burgers and fries.

I sadly moved to the Tri-Cities in 2007 and I don't know how I missed going to Ruff's in Kennewick. I'm sure it's because I lived in Richland at the time.

Rik Mikals

Roy's Chuckwagon or Smorgasbord came in second on our list. Roy's got its start in Baker Oregon and had over 11 locations in the Pacific Northwest including Pasco.

Rory Johnson said Pizza Barn was a place they missed here in the Tri-Cities.

Carmine's, which recently made our list, closed because the owners retired in Kennewick. Carmine's Italian Food was very popular and being in a small location, reservations were a must. I'm sure plenty of prom dates started there.

Chico's Pizza, O' Henry's, Mercy's Pizza, and Pietro's were all mentioned in the Facebook comments.

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The Spaghetti Establishment is a place I've actually have eaten there many years ago on 4th avenue in Kennewick. It was in business for 36 years and finally shut its doors in 2010. It had some great dishes that are missed here in the Tri-Cities.

Rik Mikals

Angelica White mentioned 6 degrees and their donut burgers and Elizabeth Lau mentioned the Arctic Circle. I loved their burgers and shakes when I was a kid. We had one in my hometown of Clarkston Washington so I can relate.

Rik Mikals

I'm not sure if I got them all so feel free to add to our list in the comments below, we'd love to share your memories of these long-gone but NOT forgotten restaurants in the Tri-Cities. You can also send us a message on our app to join the conversation.

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