What is wrong with people? I find myself asking this a little too often these days, but this one has me red in the face with anger! It is bad enough to steal from someone, but to steal puppies from someone AND their mother before they are old enough to be dependant, is horrific!

Pasco Police posted on their Facebook page asking for help in locating six French Bulldogs, taken from their home sometime in the night on February 23rd. These pups are only three weeks old and too young to be away from their mother! Please if you have any information on these furry babies contact the Pasco Police Department on their non-emergency line at 509-628-0333 and reference case number #22-05577.

Here is the Pasco Police Facebook post:

CANINE CAPER- Last night, SIX (6) 3-week old grey French Bulldogs were stolen from their home in the area of Road 36. A heavier set male is seen on video smashing the rear slider door to the residence and moments later coming out with a kiddie pool containing the 6 puppies. These pups are very young and still very dependent on their mother for survival. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these pups, please contact the non-emergency number (509) 628-0333 reference case #22-05577

For more information you can visit the Pasco Police Facebook Page.

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