Believe it! Washingtonians are expressing their love of returning to the workplace.

While many people have become accustomed to working from home, due to the pandemic, a surprising majority of Washington workers are admitting that they WANT to return to the the workplace. According to a recent survey by Wealth of Geeks:

• The average WA employee rates their work happiness a 7 out of 10.

I get it. When Covid 19 struck, many workers were sent home to perform their duties remotely. But, now, workers are being called back to the office. And, the survey by Wealth of Geeks found that once leaving the work-from-home setup, workers are quickly picking up where they left off in the office. They're actually enjoying the office environment again.

What have Washington office employees missed the most?

• 56% of respondents, say it's all about face-to-face conversations.

No more awkward Zoom lag or trying to decipher their coworker's tone through email – now they can chat, laugh, and collaborate in person.

• 20% of employees confessed that they enjoy time away from their partner.

•14% of respondents are just happy to dress up for the office again.

WSP Trooper Chris Thorson, Rik Mikals, Patti Banner
WSP Trooper Chris Thorson, Rik Mikals, Patti Banner

I guess wearing pajamas 24/7 could get old. There is something to be said about wearing professional attire in the workplace. However, I really wouldn't know. I work in radio. We can get away with casual attire in the office.

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When it came to what Washingtonians missed most about office life, team lunches or happy hours topped the charts. Over half of us longed for those casual hangouts that are just too hard to replicate online. The morning coffee run scooped up 20% of the nostalgia vote, while 16% missed the good old water cooler gossip.

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