Othello Police have arrested 15 alleged sex buyers.

An investigation spanning several weeks to focus on reducing the demand for commercial sex in the area resulted in the arrests.

Othello Police Department-Facebook
Othello Police Department-Facebook

The Othello Police Department's stance is that, "if no one purchased commercial sex, then sex trafficking would not exist." Human sex trafficking is common and in plain sight. During the investigation, Police say the suspects ran from them, assaulted them, and promoted prostitution. The charges include:

• Patronizing a Prostitute (RCW 9A.88.110)
• Promoting Prostitution 2nd Degree (RCW 9A.88.080)
• Resisting Arrest (RCW 9A.76.040)
• Forgery (9A.60.020)
• Domestic Violence No-Contact Order Violation (RCW 7.105.450)

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The Washington State Department of Corrections and the Warden Police Department assisted in the several weeks long operation.

The concept of human trafficking.

The Othello Police Department released the identities of those arrested. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

• Omar Ruiz (25) of Moses Lake, WA
• Patrick Baker (44) of Federal Way, WA
• Manuel Torres-Adame (41) of Othello, WA
• Hilario Moreno (40) of Kennewick, WA
• Kobe Mcelmurry (24) of Moses Lake, WA
• Calixtio Agudo-Hernandez (39) of Mattawa, WA
• Elias Gomez-Velasco (28) of Mattawa, WA
• Darin Ross (44) of Othello, WA
• Natasha Attaway (44) of Ellensburg, WA
• Jaime Sanabria-Mendivelso (37) of Moses Lake, WA
• Victor Lystedt (57) of Maple Valley, WA
• Jayme Brashears (51) of Electric City, WA
• Gilbert Reyes (32) of Warden, WA
• Rolando Gonzalez-Chavez (33) of Soap Lake, WA
• Chad Larson (51) of Kennewick, WA

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