There's a wide variety of teriyaki sauces in stores these days. Pineapple teriyaki, spicy teriyaki, etc. I like every one I've tried, so pick the one that suits you best and let's get to grilling!

Teriyaki works well on beef and pork, so choose your rib and give 'em a nice shake of Johnny's Seasoning Salt or similar and grill the way you usually cook ribs.

Leave the teriyaki in the bottle until later as marinating with these dark, powerful sauces is not necessary.

Once your ribs are basically done, it's time to get them back over some heat and start brushing the teriyaki on. Brush and turn several times.

The secret to a good sticky rib with delicious cooked-on sauce comes next. Dissolve a cup of brown sugar in two cups of water and brush that mixture over the ribs on good heat. This final sticky coating seals over the teriyaki sauce and sweetens the ribs oh so nicely! Sprinkle with sesame seeds before serving and enjoy!

Getty Images, Miles Willis
Getty Images, Miles Willis

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