For National Hamburger Day, I decided to bring to work my compact George Foreman Grill and cook a little something-something in the studio for my co-host, Brian.

I had most of the ingredients at home, but I did run to the store to get a few fresh necessities. He was stunned that I actually went thru with it because I am sure that he thought I was joking when I told him I wanted to "camp out" during the morning show to kickstart my Memorial Day Weekend.

The smell of the burger and bacon sizzling on my Foreman grill wafted out of our studio and into the hallways. Pretty soon, the fellas at the AM station next to us wandered in our doorway, wondering what the heck was going on.

I was cooking burgers at 7:30 in the morning, mind you! I like to keep it cray-cray!

My play-sister Courtney asked me for my recipe, so I have decided to share it with you and the rest of the planet. I am even going to share with you the secret ingredient that my dad, Herschel Lee Cosby, Sr., shared with me at a young age, so pay attention if you want extra delicious burgers!


  • Slap a Beef patty of your choice on the George Foreman Grill (or stove or regular barbecue grill of your choice. Today, I used Wagyu beef patties because they were on a SERIOUS SALE today! Make sure you SEASON it! (I only used garlic powder to keep the sodium to a minimum.)
  • Pour a capful of Worcestershire sauce over the top of your patty and spread it around the top of the patty. THIS IS MY DADDY'S SECRET INGREDIENT! If I'm not mistaken, he told me his own mama told him that it brings out the extra flavor in burgers.
  • Cook your burger to your liking (well-done, med-rare, etc.) and when you are ready to take it out of the pan (or George Foreman Grill), put on a slice of your favorite kind of cheese (I love cheddar or smokehouse cheddar) and THEN sprinkle on some bleu cheese crumbles on top of that!
  • Layer some crispy French Onions on top of the crumbles and cook the burger until the bleu cheese is melted through.
  • Add your favorite condiments and fresh produce ingredients on a special bun because this is a SPECIAL BURGER, and voilà!

This burger is my attempt at a copycat recipe for my favorite burger in the world from a restaurant that calls it the International Harvester Burger.

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