The good news is that the River of Fire is happening on the 4th of July which means we'll get fireworks but they won't be rising from the location where they normally fly from.

The barge that normally shoots off the fireworks has been sold by Tidewater.

The company sold the aging barge and there is nothing comparable to replace it.

The fireworks will blast off from the Neil F. Lampson Pit area at the east end of Columbia Park but it's not unusual for the show because in year's past, it's been fired from the Kennewick side of the river bank.

There has been several changes for The River of Fire which has been taken over by The Water Follies this year after Kennewick Chamber Of Commerce dropped the event due to small staffing and a citizen survey saying the event didn't align with mission of The Chamber.

Events kick off in park starting at 3 PM and $5.00 per car donation is requested to help fund the event.

You can check out more details on The River Of Fire here.

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