Not only has the City of Walla Walla postponed it's July 4 fireworks display, now Umatilla County in Oregon has banned fireworks in unincorporated areas.

According to the Milton Freewater Rural Fire Department and EMS, the County Commissioners have put a temporary ban in unincorporated (non-city) areas of the county, til further notice...meaning cooler weather and rain.

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According to a statement on their social media page, Milton Freewater Rural Fire said this:

"This is just until it is not so hot and we get some rain. Please understand that firefighters out in over 100 plus degree weather is not safe. This order is to save life and property as well as firefighter safety. Thanks for understanding."

It covers unincorporated areas outside of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Previously approved civic or city fireworks show apparently are still a go.

As for Walla Walla, The City Council voted earlier this week to cancel the public fireworks display due to extreme heat and fire danger, however, firework sales are not being banned, nor are setting them off in approved areas.

That's largely because if such a ban were implemented it would violate Washington state law. It requires cities and municipalities to give a one-year advanced notice to citizens if such fireworks banned are issued. The only way fireworks could be banned in a short amount of time would be for the Governor to issue an emergency proclamation.

So, no public show in Walla Walla, but stand sales and private fireworks (legal) will still be going off.


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