While it seems that everything we've been looking forward to seems to get canceled due to the Pandemic...one event you can count on for the 4th of July, is Hermiston's Stars and Stripes Celebration!

Credit Hermiston Parks and Recreations Department Facebook
Credit Hermiston Parks and Recreations Department Facebook
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The annual 4th of July Park Celebration is THE largest in all of Eastern Oregon at Butte Park! (1245 NW 7th Street, Hermiston, OR 97838) The celebration will start at 1 pm lasting till 10:30 pm.

Hermiston's Butte Park sits under the iconic Hermiston Butte and spreads over 40 acres. Within the park features 4 lighted soccer fields, a dog park, a spray park, and large open fields including trails up to the top of the Butte.

Also located in the park are:

Google Maps
Google Maps

The celebration will start at 1 pm lasting till 10:30 pm.

It'll be a fun time for all ages, for sure. It's a family-friendly FULL-day event. So, load up the car with all things summer and 4th of July festive! Don't forget the kids!

There will be live music by The Shades, food, and merchandise from local vendors, FREE games, FREE bounce houses, FREE balloon animals, and magic shows all throughout the day, and of course, a full fireworks extravaganza to cap off the event.

The fireworks will start at 10 pm.

Make your plans now, for Hermiston's Stars and Stripes 4th of July Celebration!

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