Ahoy, matey! Seattle Seafair is back! It's been two years since the multi-faceted Seafair Festival took over the streets - and waters - of Seattle. But the hydroplane racing, Blue Angels sky-show, and Torchlight Parade parade return June 27th for Seafair's 72nd year. It's a tradition that connects the Seattle of old to the modern tech giant that it has become.

Schedule of Events

  • June 23rd to July 2nd, be sure to catch the Seattle Chamber Music Society's Concert Truck. Free live music in a neighborhood near you.
  • June 25th - The Greenwood Car Show is the "largest one day car show" in the Pacific Northwest, which is so specific it sounds like a baseball statistic, but retro hot rods and muscle cars are as integral to summer as ice-cream and popsicles. Dad will love this. Let him have his fun.
  • June 25th - The Seafair Pirates' Landing. Hide your baubles and wenches, the Seafair Pirates storm Alki Beach, ready to plunder. Be vigilant. Keep an eye out for the pirates anytime you're out and about, as you never know when they'll show up at your favorite haunt.
Seafair Pirates by Mike Devine, Facebook
Seafair Pirates by Mike Devine, Facebook
  • July 4th - 10,000 pounds of fireworks, choregraphed to music with light up the (probably overcast) Seattle skies above Lake Union. Get to Gasworks Park early and make a day of it. USA TODAY calls the Amazon Seafair Summer Fourth "one of the nation’s best fireworks shows."
  • July 15th to 17th - 75,000 people descend upon the Ballard Seafood Fest for a salmon BBQ, plus arts and crafts, a skateboarding event (just like the Vikings did), and live music.
  • July 30th - Alaska Airlines Torchlight Parade is the kind of parade you see on TV over the holidays. It's big, colorful, and LOUD, thanks to the Seafair Pirates' cannons.
2019 Torchlight March, Yun
2019 Torchlight March, Yun

Those are the highlights, but Seafair can keep you busy pretty much every day of the summer. You'll find a full calendar of events here. Enjoy!

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