Aplets and Cotlets, a 100-year-old candy treat is destined to be a faint memory as the company that makes the candy is closing down.

Liberty Orchards is located in Cashmere Washington near Wenatchee and has been in business for over a hundred years and sadly will be closing their doors by summer 2021.

Liberty Orchards is looking to get a buyer to buy their assets but if they don't find a buyer, they'll cease operations.

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I remember eating Aplets and Cotlets as a kid at my Grandma's and they'll be missed. If you are not familiar with the candy, it's a Washington tradition. The candy is made up of apples and walnuts and based on Locoum, candy also known as Turkish Delight.

You might familiar with the companies another brand, Orchard Bars.

Liberty Orchards describes their candies as such on their Facebook page:

The blossom-fresh flavor of crisp Washington apples, the tangy goodness of ripe apricots, and the nutty richness of crunchy English walnuts have made Aplets and Cotlets the Pacific Northwest's most-beloved candy since 1920!

In an article from our news partner KNDU, the family that's run the orchards has announced its closure after 100 years.

The company has remained in the family for three generations and now they are ready to sell or close after being open since 1920. They are looking for a buyer or they'll close down by summer.

It'll be a candy that'll be missed on shelves, especially during the holidays. You can read more about the selling and closure of Liberty Orchards here.

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