Imagine your hiking in March in the mountains of Colorado, and you finally spot your destination, a cabin. Hikers in Colorado's Conundrum Hot Springs got a big stinky surprise in late march as they approached the cabin, they found it full of dead cows. Theory is the cows went inside during the winter to get warm, and then couldn't get back out. Easy to see how it happened, cows all crowed inside, someone bumps the door, the latch catches, and bingo, a room full of bovine with no apposing thumbs trapped like mice on a sticky pad. Now the forest service has to come up with a way to get rid of the carcasses because the hot springs might become polluted if the cows are allowed to thaw out.  Let me see if I have this right, you're worried about cows thawing out and ruining the water, yet they run around the thing in the summer drinking, pooping and going number 1 by the springs, and that's not bad? So now there several plans to dispose of the frozen future wallets, like burning the cabin down with the cows still inside, bringing out a helicopter to haul them away, or some 4 wheelers to help haul them away from the springs. Here's a question, if they're frozen, how do you get them through the front door? I say go with plan E, Blow the cows up with some form of explosive, now we're cooking with gas. Yes sir, stack them doggies up and light off about 100 pounds of TNT and it's leather key chains for the whole state of Colorado. Around her a dead cow is  usually on purpose, unless it wonders onto a road or something or falls off a cliff or something, I mean they're not the sharpest animals on the food chain.

Cows in a cabin

My friend Kirk had a pet cow named Holy. It was cute as a calf but then it growed up and just ate all day, didn't fetch or chase the tractor or moo when strangers approached. So they ate em'.  As I read this story, and the part about blowing up the cows reminded me of a story from Florence Oregon, where a whale got washed ashore, and then laid there and started to rot and stink. Long story short, they blew it into next week. This is some vintage footage of cow stuff falling from the sky, enjoy.


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