Benton County Deputies were busy Thursday night, after a driver plowed their Mustang through a fence, thereby creating a nice 'gate' for a herd of cows to wander off.

Officers say they got a call about a bunch of cows on Perkins Road, near Dague Road, late in the evening.

Wandering cows are not unusual in rural Benton and Franklin Counties, but these bovines could thank 19 year old Dacia Roberts for the 'gate.'  Seems just prior to the cows escaping, Roberts plowed her car through the fence surrounding their home. The cows, seeing their opportunity, went for a stroll.

She bailed from the scene, but Deputies later tracker her down and she's facing the following charges: minor in possession or consumption of alcohol, negligent driving, and hit and run.  We're thinking the landowner might throw in their own legal proceedings to pay for the fence replacement.

The cows were rounded up sent back home, and the fence temporarily fixed til more repairs can be made.  They probably enjoyed their bit of freedom, the Mustang diver will not enjoy their possible incarceration.

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