Farmers and Ranchers are facing devastating losses due to the wildfires and now some 8,000 surviving cattle are in need of hay! I grew up on a ranch as a kid and when the going gets tough, farmers and ranchers come together to help each other out.

The Cold Springs Fire near Omak and Okanogan has destroyed thousands of acres along with housing and animals. The surviving 8,000 livestock are now in desperate need of hay and community organizers are reaching out for help.

Non-Profit Emergency Equipment Solutions is getting the word out that hay is desperately needed for the animals that survived the fires that gutted Eastern Washington.

They are looking for people who can donate hay to keep the cattle feed. Valerie Odai posted photos and details on how much hay is needed and contact information.

Here is what the posting says:

Eastern Washington has saved many of these animals for now, but ...

Okanogan only has enough feed for 2 MORE DAYS!!!

Bridgeport only has 4 days!

Mansfield has maybe 7 days!

Davenport has about a week as well!

They have already lost all of their pastures and back up hay. The community is sharing what is left as much as they can, but it isn't enough!!!

Between the 3 fires, #WhitneyFire#PearlHillFire, and #ColdSpringsFire, over 8,000 animals are suffering.

We have an opportunity to save them, but we must act NOW. They will starve if they do not get help ASAP!

For those of you that may not know,

Here are some numbers to give you an understanding of what the need is.

(These numbers are averages and generalizations, not taking into consideration any external factors)

The average cow will eat about 25 lbs of feed per day. 25 × 8,000= 200,000 lbs per DAY! 200,000 lbs = 100 tons per DAY!

The average haul has about 24 tons. That means they need to have 4 semi loads of feed available to them daily!

Please contact our Disaster Relief Coordinator @ (541) 663-6050 if you are able to help donate hay to these animals!

If you can help out, click here to get more details. They're already seeing donations coming in but more is needed. Can you help?

You can also donate online here to help the animals as well.

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