Back in November 1970, a dead sperm whale washed up on the banks of the Siuslaw River. Not knowing how to dispose of the massive beast, they did what a lot of people with a desire to blow something up would do... they blew it up! Luckily for us in 2020, a news broadcast from November 19th, 1970 on ABC's affiliate from Florence Oregon has survived the trails of time and is available for our viewing pleasure (below). The news crews were there to capture the boom that happened on November 12th 1970 (50 years ago), and let's just say, it did not go as expected, even for a car parked a quarter mile away. One line from the news broadcast boasts "Where the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds."

Dune View ParkBridge View ParkLittle Tree Park"Exploding Whale Memorial Park"According Megan MessmerIf you talk to the people, it's not necessarily a proud moment.

Other names that I could have suggested for the park include: "Big Booming Blubber Park", "Carcass Creek Park", "Pieces of Porpoise Park" & "Thar She Blows Park". All kidding aside, next time you're in Florence, Oregon and the kids comment on how nothing cool ever happens here, tale them the 50 year old tale of how a small community freed Willie's insides... on national TV.


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