Luckily,  the teen probably was spooked by the arrival of police units and hearing the homeowner, otherwise the intrusion could have turned deadly.

Around 7:30AM Sunday, Richland police were called about a string of burglaries that had, and were occurring, in the Mesa Drive/Leslie Road area.

Police caught up with the suspect, but not before they had broken into two homes and a business. During one of the burglaries, the family was home and during the investigation later told police they heard the intruder and were preparing to arm themselves with a gun.However, the teen fled the home before any confrontation occurred.

When police caught the suspect, he was identified as a 16-year-old, he had several bottles of alcohol on his possession, and was impaired. He was booked into the Juvenile Justice center on a plethora of charges.

Police didn't specify how the teen broke into the homes or business.

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