If you want to join ISIS to fight infidels and create an Islamic caliphate you'll need the "password." One of the people giving that out is a woman who's been traced back to -- of all places -- Seattle!

If you've been studying ISIS online and want to join you're supposed to get yourself to Turkey and then contact a recruiter for help crossing the border into Syria with a guide. One of those recruiters answering questions online and setting up guides was @_UmmWaqqas (a Twitter handle).

The Twitter account had 8,000 followers -- mostly women -- making it one of the most popular pro-ISIS accounts.

On Twitter she would defend the brutality of ISIS and share immigration documents.

The account was operated by Rawdah Abdisalaam, a Seattle 20-something who loved the Denver Broncos and cheeseburgers. Friends noticed her social media postings becoming more radical but didn't think anything of it.

She spoke English with a British accent but no one knew if she was born in Britain. She sometimes claimed to be Dutch, one time Finnish.