chase and harvey

I am the proud parent of two ducks, one male and one female. They are husband and wife, Harvey and Zoe. They are inseparable. You will not see one without the other, ever. Harvey is a very protective husband. Nobody can come near Zoe without getting chased by him, and I mean nobody! He has chased humans, cows, cats and ESPECIALLY the dog. For some reason he really has never liked the dog.

That was until recently. Zoe will soon be a Mommy duck. She has been sitting on her eggs for the past two weeks and she is very faithful and determined. She only comes off her eggs for fifteen to twenty minutes in a twenty four hour period. It is very exciting for us humans, but unfortunately for Harvey he is sad and lonely. His sidekick is just gone. She sits on her nest, tucked deep in the bushes and she does not allow him to even come near her and he seems so lost and in need of a friend.

Suddenly that dog he chased for even looking at him or his wife wrong has become his new pal. Everywhere the dog goes, so does Harvey. I didn't realize what social creatures ducks are and how much they need companionship, until now. Man might be a dogs best friend but a dog becomes a ducks best friend when his wife tends to her motherly duties. I find them on the back porch, under shade trees, going for walks and most recently, sharing a drink out of the same dog dish.

Here's to being kind to one another... No matter who or what you are!

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