I take impeccable care of my pet ducks and yet for some reason they still insist on bullying me. These critters are spoiled beyond belief, they have their own private pond, a hen house (that they rule over), five acres of field to roam freely in, a yard full of bugs and owners that love them, but for some reason they always chase me in a threatening manner.

Each day I feed them cracked corn and a healthy handful of dried yummy mill worms, but the minute I turn my back to walk away "Harvey" the Drake tips his head and starts chasing me. Birds can be SCARY and when he starts after me I instinctively squeal and run away. As long as my back is turned he will maintain his speed and squawk at me.  However, the minute I turn to stand up to him he pretends he wasn't doing it. He has yet to actually make contact with me but I fear it is just a matter of time before he attacks my ankles. They are such beautiful, entertaining animals, however I am seeing the dark side of ducks.

My pet ducks

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