There's a new scam that's circulating with Facebook and you should be aware of it before you get taken advantage of.

If you are a poster or an editor for your work or your business, this new scam could affect you.

You'll get a notice from what appears to be from Facebook but it's not from Facebook.

It'll say in the notice that you've been lying or making false statements and that you'll need to verify your account. The hackers will supply you with a link and they are hoping you'll enter your personal information - below is a snap of what the letter looks like from the scammers

facebook scam

They'll ask you to repair your Facebook account and trust me, there's nothing wrong with your account. They'll even have you in fear of being blocked on Facebook and that you'll never be able to use your account ever again.

If you are ever in doubt, always take a snapshot and reach out to Facebook support. Keep yourself safe and never follow a link anywhere even if it looks legit.

I'd hate for you to get hacked so beware of this new Facebook scam going around. Keep yourself informed and safe.

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