Women in Business Conference Tri-Cities
The Tri-Cities Women in Business Conference is a one-day powerhouse event that brings together accomplished female leaders, corporate executives, business owners and young professionals to share insights, exchange ideas and empower their careers...
Papa Johns Boss Giving 50% of Today’s Local Sales to Employees
The owner of four local Papa John's pizza restaurants is giving back to his employees by donating 50 percent of all local sales on Monday, Dec. 11, back to his employees!
Talk about a cool boss and a great Christmas bonus!
Preston House, the owner of these four Papa Johns and pictured above with Ralei…
New Credit Card Fees!
I saw on that there is now a new fee which began yesterday for merchants of Visa or Mastercard. Geez, lots of places don't even accept cash any longer and ONLY want credit cards for payment. This is getting ridiculous!
NBC News-"Visa and MasterCard had always prohibited merchan…
Good Looks=More Money?
Just read about this in ABC Online!
Good-looking men not only have a better shot with women than guys with below-average looks, they also apparently command higher salaries.
Research in Australia conducted by Melbourne University economist Jeff Borland and former Australian National University economi…

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