You may have heard that I have moved to afternoons, 2pm - 6pm on 102.7 KORD, and the change has me seeing things in a whole new light.

After doing a morning show in the Tri-Cities for 13 years, I was given the opportunity to move my big ole butt to afternoons, and I jumped at the chance. I must admit, the change has been a little overwhelming, like getting up at 10:00 am instead of 3:00 am. Going to bed at midnight instead of 7:00 pm. Also, something new, is driving to work in traffic, when you go to work at 3:30 am you pretty much have the road to yourself, and I must say, there are allot of bad drivers around noon. Late night T.V. is a whole new animal, after a certain time in the evening or early morning, most of the channels all show something called "Paid Programing". They sell everything from 'A', adult toys too 'Z; something that makes you skinny called Zoomba dancing. Yes, everything from the perfect bra to making thousands of dollars selling real estate , the easy way.  I think if i continue too watch the 'Paid Programing' channels, I will be rich, skinny, healthy, good looking, and have perfect skin and the perfect marriage, yes all of that from watching T.V. I should have moved to afternoons a long time ago, me and Donald Trump would be playing golf in Bermuda, sipping fruity drinks. Another major adjustment, drinking coffee in the afternoon, my poor liver is in a state of shock, coffee and allot of water after noon, where's the beer? As I go through the change, I will keep you posted as to my progress, I must go now and watch T.V., I'm learning  how to turn all of the junk in my garage into cash using E-Bay. Good Afternoon.