As we all find ourselves stuck at home during these times, I find myself appreciating my surroundings more than ever. I entertained my two year old granddaughter out on the farm today and realized just exactly how much I appreciate the people and the animals in my life.

First we started by gathering chicken and duck eggs and transporting them to the fridge. Somehow a two year old managed to carry four eggs into the house without smashing them against each other or trying to bounce them like a ball. Then we spent time feeding the cows some hay and petting them, even though the only reason they allowed us to pet them is because they thought we would produce some sort of flowery snack.

We then threw a ridiculous amount of mill worms into the pond for the ducks, plus many rocks, sticks, leaves and corn even though our attempts were genuine the ducks were seriously unimpressed!

We played in a box, ate cookies off the ground, fed the dog the cookies we didn't eat off the ground, we got trapped on top of the box and cried, even though we were only inches from the ground, It required a Grammy rescue.

We ran and ran and ran. We made the dog play fetch 300 times even though we only had the strength to throw the ball 3 or so feet each time, he honored our play requests.

We fell at least a dozen times, got a bloody lip and watched mommy try to take selfies with the cows.

We made due. Today we made due. One more day down in this hectic time and we created memories. Wonderful, unforgettable memories. We hope you are making memories during this down time and appreciating your loved ones.


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