Officials consider the overall complex under control, but it's taken nearly 500 workers, dozens of fire and tanker trucks, and a number of aircraft to get it that way.

Since August 4th multiple fire units have been battling an 8 fire group of blazes in southern Morrow County, about 20-25 miles southwest of Pilot Rock and Pendleton. Known as the H K Complex fire, it began when lightning strikes moved through the area, triggering at least 8 known blazes.

The total burned area has exceeded nearly 2,500 acres, and this area of the Umatilla National Forest remains in a closure status to anyone due to the high fire danger. More lightning and thunderstorms are expected Friday into the weekend as crews continue to mop up the 8 fires.

Officials say having them so close together make things a challenge but actually helped them 'steer' the fires towards each other and put themselves out.

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