I've never been to jail, but I imagine it would be hell. So naturally I had to do a little play on words when I read that the girl who barricaded herself in a Benton City home (that she had no business being in) held cops at bay for 7 whole hours is named Heaven. Heaven Wilcox is only 21 years old, and for one reason or another, has chosen a path that makes her life much more miserable than it has to be. According to a Facebook post by the Benton County Sheriff's Office, little miss Heaven set off a residential burglary alarm in the wee hours of this past Thursday. By the time cops arrived, the homeowner got the heck out of the house, and now little miss Heaven has the place to herself, surrounded by police. The major concern was that the homeowner is also a gun owner and now little miss Heaven has her pick of calibers. Of course, none of that would matter much if she would've simply realized that the gig is up, she's busted and come out with her hands up. But nooooooo. Little miss Heaven decides to make a day of it and would not obey commands to come out all peaceable-like.

Who let the dogs out? The po-po, that's who. Finally, after 7 hours, a police dog is released and little miss Heaven gets her butt chewed a little. She was treated for her minor injuries and booked into hell.




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