I love jokes and I love pranks, but nobody likes a prank that makes you mad! So here's my list of 5 great April fools day pranks that are fun and harmless!

The cracked phone screen prank.
There are lots of free apps out there with various wallpaper choices, and some of them include a screen that makes it look like you dropped your phone! I am not just talking about a little crack, I am talking about spiderweb! Download it on your phone and tell your spouse you need a new one, or set it up on your kid's phone!
The mouse or remote prank.
Take a tiny piece of masking tape or sticky note and put it over the sensor on somebody's computer mouse or on the TV remote sensor. It's harmless and will have them wondering if they need new batteries or why the heck they won't work!
 The bubble wrap prank.
Cut a piece of bubble wrap and hide it under a rug. Makes them jump every time!
The PLEASE HONK prank.
Tape a simple note to the back of someone's bumper that says PLEASE HONK or HONK IF YOU'RE HAPPY. It will make their drive home very interesting!
The toilet paper prank.
You know how when you grab a new roll of toilet paper and you have to peel up the loose END to get it started? Well, try spraying it with hairspray so it won't come up at all!
Have fun!

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