Caitlyn Wertenberger, of Union Gap, on the outskirts of Yakima, has been reunited with her missing cat.

Her 19-pound feline wandered over to her neighbor's home before getting stuck in their chimney for 28 days. Caitlin posted flyers and knocked on many, many neighborhood doors, searching the area for her portly tuxedo feline, Piper.

Finally, the new occupants of a nearby house that had been vacant for a month said they had been hearing meowing in their new abode for about a week, but could not confirm the source. Recalling the fliers posted, the neighbors contacted Wertenberger and invited her over to take a look.

Piper was removed from the fireplace damper by Caitlyn and her father after almost a month of search-and-rescue maneuvers, next she was taken to a veterinarian who said she was dehydrated, and had lost about 30% of her body weight, but was otherwise in "excellent condition."

Piper is about 7 years old, microchipped and spayed. She was around 3 months old when Caitlyn adopted her from the Yakima Humane Society.

"She's a big cat, I didn't think she could fit down a chimney," Wertenberger told KOMO-TV on Monday. "I didn't want to get my hopes up too much, just in case, you know. So, it was always kind of in my head that she possibly wasn't coming back but I still kind of had that feeling, you know, that she wasn't really gone yet."

It is not clear whether Piper weighed 19 pounds after being rescued, down from 26 pounds, or had dropped to 12 pounds after her ordeal. She still has remnants of ash on her paws and substantially smaller tummy.

Now, to give the dogs their due, read on.

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