From Sacajawea to the B Reactor, the Tri-Cities has a proud history. We're proud to be adding another milestone to the significant dates in local lore this month. Go ahead and pencil this into your child's history books, this is going to be a date you'll want to remember. No need to call the governor on creating an official state holiday, we're on it.

  • 1806 Lewis & Clark Expedition
  • 1891 Pasco incorporated
  • 1904 Kennewick incorporated
  • 1910 Richland incorporated
  • 1943 The Hanford Project
  • 1954 The Blue Bridge completed
  • 1989 KORD went on the air
  • Oct. 15, 2012 the Greg & Woody Waking Crew is born

Greg & Woody Waking Crew