How I Fell in Love with Country Music
The year was 1993. I was co-hosting a morning show on a rap station in Orlando. I kid you not: a rap station. We were the two dumb white guys in the morning and we were really popular. But as the music got meaner, and couldn't listen to it anymore.
Check Out Woody’s Photography Portfolio!
As you may have heard, I got a new camera. I've been taking pictures around the Tri-Cities and decided to share the portfolio I've been building. It not only showcases my range but highlights the beauty and appeal of the Mid Columbia.
I Got Myself My Christmas Present Already! — Why Wait?
I was at Costco the other day and noticed they're having a sale on the Canon Power Shot camera. For only $249 you get the camera, a case and an 8-gig SD card! I went home and rationally explained that incredible value to my wife: "PLEEEASE! Oh please, please, pease!!!"
I Couldn’t Believe What Was in My ‘Man Bag’ [PHOTOS]
A coworker noticed the duffel bag I bring to work with me each morning and wanted to know what was in it. I told him it was just notebooks, printed emails, meds and maybe a snack or two -- same thing men put in briefcases. He accused me of having a man purse so I agreed to empty it out and prove oth…

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