What Do You Remember About Oasis Waterworks?
We're deep into winter and starting to be nostalgic for summer! Unfortunately, every time I think of summer in the Tri-Cities I get nostalgic for Oasis Waterworks. I caught myself daydreaming about Oasis the other day and wanted some companionship -- join in!
Here are what our members said.
Are You Enjoying the New (Sorta) KORD Waking Crew?
It's the first morning of Greg & Woody Waking Crew and we're having a blast! We're giving away money, Words of the Day, taking birthdays and receiving warm welcomes on the phones.
Here's what Steve Woods' fortune cookie said about this week:
Watch the video for t…
Jokes On you, Stud
A recent survey says men with a sense of humor will attract women more often than other men, because humor indicates higher intelligence.Wait, What?