A recent survey says men with a sense of humor will attract women more often than other men, because humor indicates higher intelligence.Wait, What?

In this experiment, a group of men got together in a bar and sat near a women. One guy was instructed to tell pre-selected jokes too his buddies. Later, when the men went to the womens table to ask for her phone number, the joke teller was the most successful in getting the phone numbers and getting dates. Not surprizing to me, I'll bet Bozo The Clown had a hotty on his arm six days a week, he rested on Sunday's. Researchers believe women are drawn to funny men because their sense of humor indicates higher intelligence, which makes them more attractive as a potential mate. Now this comes as a shock to me, I couldn't tell you how many times I heard,I wasnn't serious enough to make this relationship work, but we can still be friends. Now women think funny, kookie guys are a catch, and smart. It's no wonder Charlie Sheen gets the chick, no one is as funny or kookie as him, just ask the voices in his head.I would like to know who conducted this test, Cheech and Chong? Luckly my wife and I met the old fashioned way, blind date. I was lonely, she was desperate, I got her drunk and the band played a slow song,  I told her a joke and she attacked me on the dance floor, bam!, lub was in the air. Then I had to call my sister the next day and find out what my dates name was, just kidding, I had written her name on a cocktail napkin earlier in the evening. So, all you muscle bound, slick talker, forien speaking  Romeos, step aside, there is a new sherrif in town, and his name is Funny Bone.