Tell Us Your Bat Stories! – Greg & Woody Are Curious
This morning we were telling bat stories. Woody shared how his radio station in Alaska had bats living in the awnings for one month each year.
Greg told about a lie he was told as a kid that if he threw a ball of tinfoil at a bat hanging near a street lamp it would swoop down to grab it and accidenta…
What’s the Most Embarrassing Way You’ve Burned Yourself?
I think every woman has burned her ear with a curling iron. In high school, I knew a kid who tried to blow fire by putting cigarette fluid in his mouth and spitting at a match. He had a patch on his cheek for a month! Often when we burn ourselves we'd rather not talk about it because we might a…
Are You a Cheapskate?
TLC is bringing another reality TV show to their network. As if there goes Honey Boo Boo wasn't enough this show features extreme cheapskates. People that are too cheap or don't believe in spending money on certain things like toilet paper...
KORD Listeners Have Spoken: Allowance Results
Almost 30% of our parent listeners don’t give their kids any allowance
Of those that do, it ranges.
For some, allowances are compensation for good grades and chores
A few give more money the older they get
Some just hand out the cash as needed
 We have lows at $2 per wee…

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