Yes, it is a fact, Greg and I are back doing mornings on KORD-FM. Faith is now doing the news, and Big Bear will move to afternoons. All of this for me means waking up to an alarm clock once again. Don't get me wrong, it is exciting to be back in the am, but the am is so early.

When I went to afternoons, I said the key to a happy life is, waking up, not being woke up. Now my new motto is, going home at noon is better than going to work at noon. It's all about perception. I will miss watching TV until 3 in the morning, and not waking up until 10:30 or so. On the up-side, I get to work with my old friend Greg. Thank you for the kind words today, it really means allot to Greg and myself. We will work very hard to make our so as good as we can make it. Enjoy.