Tri-Cities genius sought
Ceramic bed pan purchased at a yard sale
I need a little help from some creative minds. My father purchased this ceramic bed pan at a yard sale and thought his wife would see it as a fun addition to the garden. She did not. So on Black Friday he left it on my couch as a gift to my wife, who love…
Taylor Swift Would Like to Have 10 Kids
Taylor Swift is thoroughly enjoying her life in the spotlight, and what else could she really need? The chart-topping songstress has millions of fans, countless awards and even more hit singles. And though she doesn’t currently have a boyfriend, Swift told ‘60 Minutes‘ th…
Do You Flip Out When Family Comes to Town?
Ok, so here we are just a few day before Thanksgiving and I'm freaking out...and I'm not entirely sure why.  I mean, I love my family and friends and I'm looking forward to hosting all 15 of them on Thursday (and Friday...oh and on Saturday and Sunday too) - but on the other…
What if You Could Be A Kid Again?
Ok! Bear is turning 50 and he was thinking this week about the days when he would raise holy terror around the neighborhood with his buddies when they were kids. Big Wheels and mud pies everywhere!
Vacation, Nuff Said
If you are like me, it is hard sometimes to pull yourself away from work. I love my job, but over the years I have learned that getting away from the work place is key to a balanced life.