Last Thursday I went camping out side Kettle Falls Washington. It is located northwest of Spokane. I spent 4 non-stress days in the forest, camping, fishing and just relaxing with friends and family.

Despite some kinks in our plans we cooked, laughed and forgot our problems for a few days. It is amazing how trivial your problems seem when your looking into a star filled sky with just a little nip in the air, and a cold beer in your hand. I would like to thank my Dad for taking us fishing on his new boat, and for not letting me go astray growing up. Thanks also to my Uncle Lyle, Kirk, Camden, Jeff and Nate for the side ache I had every morning from laughing so hard at the camp fire. Next time you and your family go on a vacation, forget the motel, rent an RV and sniff the fresh air that only a forest and a camp fire can provide. Let your kids throw sticks and pine cones into the fire, and eat a hot dog cooked over an open flame. Wake up with messy hair and don't shower for two days, but brush your teeth with ice cold water, nothing like it. Share your favorite campsites with me, because I'm going again sometime this year.