Celebrating Mother's Day at my in-laws on Sunday was just what the doctor ordered. My mother in Law (Slim) cooked up her fried chicken, mashed taters with milk gravy, baked beans, and my wife's tater salad. Lounged on the deck, ran around the yard with the grand kids. Conner wanting to play 'Karate Fight', and bailey,Miss bossy, wanting me to 'Come on, March' I hope she marries a soldier. I finally rounded up the 4 generations of family, Slim (Helen) my wife Gayle, her daughter Lindsey, and the kids, Conner and Bailey. You would think getting five people to get it together for 5 seconds wouldn't be the hardest thing to do, right. In this case it was five photo's to get it right, this first picture on this post was the one we liked, here are the first four.


Say Cheese!


Come on, really?









Slim telling Conner to straiten up, this is for history!









Lindsey ate a lemon before this picture

I can honestly say I have more appreciation for people who do this for a living, I don't have the patients. Yesterday I was ready to just go by a picture frame, and use the some one Else's family photo. Thanks for a great day everyone.