Best Board Games for Family Time!
I wasn't really into board games when my kids were little. We did play Risk (a combined board game and video game). My ALL-TIME favorite was The Simpsons CLUE. Mostly we played Uno, Pig and Spoons. Here's a list of great board games for your next party, reunion or family night:
I’ve Been Dying to Show You Video From My Son’s Wedding!
As a listener...You are 'privy' to know probably more about me and my life than you care to. I tend to share things with my listeners that I would only tell a best friend or an extended family member. But, that is sort of how I think of you, so I wanted to show you the video's from my…
Crazy, Weird, Fun, Family Holiday Traditions
I have fun friends that share with me  the crazy traditions they have in their families and I'm amazed how many families have things they do every year to make the holidays extra special.
One of my friends has grow kids and grand kids who live out of town, so when they come visit, they merg…
Here Are YOUR Board Game Suggestions for Thanksgiving Day!
Earlier this week we asked if you played board games after Thanksgiving dinner. Dozens of you responded recommending tons of great games that we're going to share right now. I'll link the less popular/newer games to websites so you can check them out. Maybe we'll even help with your h…
Do You Play Board Games After Thanksgiving Dinner?
A new survey says 56 percent of Americans play board games after Thanksgiving. 64 percent said they watch football (I wonder how many watch football while playing board games). But popular culture hardly ever talks about the board games. What do you do?

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