One of the toughest parts of scheduling family pictures is knowing where to have them done. Here are some hot spots in the Tri-Cities that make a great backdrop to any family photo.

Columbia Park in Kennewick

This park one of the best places for family photos in the Tri-Cities. Located by the Columbia River with trees galore and picturesque playgrounds every few hundred yards makes this park the most popular by far. And hey, if the kids are good you can reward them with time at the Playground of Dreams.

The Parkway in Richland

If you are going for a more cozy urban feel to your family pictures, The Parkway in Richland is the place to go. The bright-colored buildings add spark to your family's day out. Sit around a table outside Frost Me Sweet for a casual, yet fun, picture. Located near the intersection of George Washington Way and Lee Blvd. near Howard Amon Park and John Dam Plaza.

Bateman Island off Columbia Center Drive

The island's parking lot is on Columbia Park Trail near the border of Richland and Kennewick. This is fantastic if you really want to be in nature. There are some great places for photos but you do have to walk around a bit. The gravel path and the tunnels of trees make this a great place for any adventure-loving family.

Chiawana Park

Also located along the Columbia River, Chiawana Park is in Pasco. This park has a beautiful view of the river and enough trees to add a nice balance to any photo. What really makes this park special is the sagebrush area for a more authentic Tri-Cities feel.

Rural Fields

All over the Tri-Cities there are many different fields. If you are getting pictures in late summer or early fall, get in your car and drive along the river until you find a place you like. There are some great areas off the Road 116 and West Court Street.

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