Going to Hawaii? Check This Out! and Please Share
The Wings of Aloha program was created to fly pets to the mainland where there are animal welfare partners and new owners waiting for Maui's homeless pets.
As of October 2017, the Maui Humane Society received a three-year grant from Maddie's Fund to fully pay for all of the costs assoc…
17 Dogs Taken in by Pendelton Animal Welfare Shelter
Seventeen dogs brought in from a hoarding situation need your help.
Authorities recovered 15 chihuahua/dachshund mixes, a shiatsu, and a pit bull
Pendelton Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) desperately needs your donations of cash for vet care and cleaning supplies, small dog collars and pet bed…
Exercising Dogs with My RC Truck! [VIDEO]
Too lazy to harness and leash the dogs? Simple and fun solution: Power up the ol' remote controlled truck and let 'er rip! The two wieners and the chihuahua mix are mine, and larger "Cuda" was visiting. WARNING: You may have to buy new tires...

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