Friday, December 9th marked the retirement of another area law enforcement K-9.

Grant County Sheriff's Deputy "Chewy" steps down

Since 2018 residents of Grant County have come to know one of the feared but beloved police dogs, Chewbacca.

He and his handler Sgt. Nick Overland, helped bring down many a suspect, Chewy, as he was known to the GCSO was deployed 146 times to active crime scenes, and he is responsible for 94 takedowns and arrests.  That means the direct apprehension and subduing of a suspect was directly due to his efforts.


Chewy (GCSO)
Chewy (GCSO)

The GCSO said most of the time all he had to do was let out a few of his fearsome barks, and the suspect would usually give up.

When law enforcement deploys a K-9, they announce, at least several times, that they are going to send in the dog and the suspect should give up. Sometimes they don't and the K-9 gets to do their work.

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In the last two months, GCSO K-9's Edo and Hawk have also retired, leaving the GCSO with one dog, K-9 Zedd. The county is working on a long-term program to ensure they can continue to keep their K-9 program staffed at the necessary levels.

In the meantime, Chewy will enjoy his retirement at the home of Sgt Overland.

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