Dogs Are Wired to Understand Human Emotion
I'm always amazed when I read articles telling how they've discovered Dogs are Wired to Understand Human Emotion. I'm like...Duhhhh!
We've always known that right? It's funny, I think most of us can relate to feeling better understood by our pets than by our human friends...
What Are the Best Truck Ramps for Dogs?
When I spent $600 on a Gazebo at Lowes and then had it destroyed the wind, I posted the damage picture on facebook and told you about it. I found out there were  lots of you that had experienced the same thing. If I'd have known that..I never would have purchased the darn gazebo...
Cute Puppy Alert!
My son and his wife went to look at pups while they were here visiting. They are newly married and ready for an addition to the family. These pups are half Shitzu and half Pomeranian.
Super cute!

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